Have you ever thought about how you see the world? I mean literally see the world, not what is your world view.

Without moving your head to look around, take a moment to stand or sit quietly and see what you can see.

Notice how you are seeing. Are you going out to see things i.e. are you actively looking, pulling towards what you are looking at? Does your head move when you look at something?

Notice how big your field of vision is. Are you seeing straight in front of you or do you have a wider view?

If you are looking at something close does it feel as if your eyes are on stalks?

There’s no need to judge any of this, just notice.

The Alexander Technique is concerned with identifying unhelpful habits and changing them. We have habits of seeing just as we have habits of movement. These might involve frowning, straining, pulling your head forward, pushing your chin out. It is easy to focus on one small area and lose the bigger picture. All of these can be uncomfortable, they can create tension and might hinder rather than help your ability to see.

So what is the alternative?

Look again but this time allow what you see to come to you rather than you going to it. You could invite your eyes to rest back in their sockets as you look. Without moving your head, explore how wide your field of vision is. What colours or shapes can you make out at the edges of your vision? Don’t strain, simply allow your awareness to include them.

Has anything changed for you?

Allowing sights to come to you and widening your awareness can be a more restful way of seeing and can help you feel more open. Every now and then take a moment to notice how you are seeing and see if you can do less and see more.