Psychological therapy

Psychological therapy

What can I offer you?

Do you find yourself struggling with life? Are you avoiding doing the things that you would like to do and feeling anxious or unhappy about the things you are doing? Do physical health problems get in the way of you leading the life you want?

I aim to help people who are struggling with these kinds of difficulties. My approach is gentle, kind and compassionate. If you come for sessions with me, we would work together to gain an understanding of the difficulties you are experiencing. We would explore ways of helping you with those difficulties, of increasing your resilience and giving you more choice in how you respond to situations.

Some information about my approach

I am a clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience, I have worked in various services in the NHS during that time including psychological medicine and chronic pain services. I work mostly with people experiencing anxiety, chronic pain, health problems, women’s health issues and people who are having difficulties adjusting to changes in their lives. I am also a qualified Alexander Technique teacher and often bring Alexander Technique into my work with clients as a way of including the whole person. Often people experience aspects of their difficulties in a physical way within their bodies. Working with a mind-body approach can help change things that feel stuck. If you work with me, we would consider working with your body as well as talking. For example we might bring in movement explorations and possibly gentle guiding touch. These can release unhelpful tension and give a greater ease in your body.

I recognise that there is no one approach that fits everybody so I draw on my broad training and understanding to tailor my work to each individual. I offer 1-1 therapy and employ a range of psychological models. For example, my practice is informed by cognitive behaviour therapy, compassion focused work, acceptance and commitment therapy and the use of therapeutic writing as well as Alexander Technique. I see each person I work with as an individual but also consider the wider context in which they live. I work with adults and young people.

What next?

If you are interested to work with me, we can arrange to have a conversation by video call or telephone to discuss your needs and what I can offer to see if we are a good fit.