About Me

About Me

Discovering the Alexander Technique

I first discovered the Alexander Technique after several years of having neck and shoulder pain, which started after I spent a lot of time working at a computer. Like many people I had tried osteopathy and, while it gave short term relief, it didn’t solve the underlying problem. Someone suggested the Alexander Technique might be helpful so I started having lessons.

The Alexander Technique resolved my neck and shoulder pain but, unexpectedly, I found that it did much more than that. I began to realise that I had spent years existing mostly in my head. The Alexander Technique made me aware of this but also reintroduced me to my whole self. Initially, I was aware of a lot of tension but, through learning to release that tension, I found an increasing ease in life and a greater ability to deal with life’s demands. In addition I really enjoyed learning and practising the Alexander Technique. I also liked that I learned to manage the discomfort myself rather than having to keep visiting a professional to resolve things for me.

Eventually I decided to become an Alexander Technique teacher and undertook the three year full-time training at the York Alexander Technique School. I now teach the Alexander Technique to a range of people who come for lessons for all kinds of different reasons. I believe that the more wholly embodied we are as we approach the ups and downs, and pleasures and pains, of life, the more we feel able to manage, enjoy and embrace life.

Other information about me

As a clinical psychologist, I worked for many years with people with chronic pain, gynaecological, and other physical health problems.

I have been involved in research into the Alexander Technique and its benefits for a number of years and am a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique research group. Topics I have researched include psychological aspects, touch, fear of falling, the potential of Alexander Technique for people with dementia and their carers, and for women during pregnancy and after birth. Here is a list of my publications in this area. Some links give access to the articles, if you can’t access an article directly then contact me.

Another important element in my life is writing and, as well as bringing my experience of working as a clinical psychologist into my approach, I also bring with me my interest in writing, particularly writing as a way of understanding ourselves better and exploring our whole selves.

Training and Qualifications

I am a Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique certified teacher. I attend regular continuous professional development events to maintain and develop my Alexander Technique skills and knowledge and have learnt from a range of teachers.

I have a BSc in Biology with Education. I trained as a clinical psychologist and following on from that I completed a PhD. More recently I did a BA in Creative Writing and have attended a series of training days on using creative writing in therapeutic environments.

I am HCPC registered as both a Clinical and a Health Psychologist.

I have enhanced DBS clearance and full professional insurance.