My Publications

My Publications

Here is a list of my publications about the Alexander Technique. Some links give access to the articles, if you can’t access an article directly then contact me.

Articles for a general audience

I have written some short articles about the AT for a general audience which are accessible via the links below. See also blog posts.

Two easy routines to regain your inner balance. TalkBack quarterly magazine of BackCare. page 7.

Stop and take stock: do less so you can do more. TalkBack quarterly magazine of BackCare. page 19.

Research published in academic peer reviewed journals

Wolverson, E., Glover, L. & Clappison, D.J. (2022)  Self-Care for Family Carers: Can the Alexander Technique help? Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 46, 101546

Kinsey, D., Glover, L., & Wadephul, F. (2021). How does the Alexander Technique lead to psychological and non-physical outcomes? A realist review. European Journal of Integrative MedicineI 46, 101371.

Woods, C., Glover, L., & Woodman, J. (2020). An education for life: The process of learning the Alexander Technique. Kinesiology Review, 1(aop), 1-9.

Hanefeld, N., Glover, L., Jomeen, J., & Wadephul F. (2021) Women’s experiences of using the Alexander Technique in the postpartum: ‘…in a way, it’s just as beneficial as sleep’. Midwifery, 103, 103155. doi: 10.1016/j.midw.2021.103155

Glover, L., Kinsey, D., Clappison, D. J., Gardiner, E., & Jomeen, J. (2018). “I never thought I could do that…”: Findings from an Alexander Technique pilot group for older people with a fear of falling. European Journal of Integrative Medicine, 17, 79-85.

Jones, T., & Glover, L. (2014). Exploring the Psychological Processes Underlying Touch: Lessons from the Alexander Technique. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 21(2), 140-153. doi:10.1002/cpp.1824

Armitage, J. & Glover, L. (2014). Situations of wellbeing: Psychological experiences of learning the Alexander Technique. Alexander Journal 24, 3-11.

Book chapters and conference presentations

Wadephul, F., Hanefeld, N., Glover, L., Jomeen, J. (in press). Wellbeing and early parenthood. Book chapter in Perspectives on midwifery and parenthood. Rita Borg Xuereb, Julie Jomeen (eds).

Woodman, J.P., Ballard, K. & Glover, L. (2017). Effectiveness of Alexander Technique lessons for people with musculoskeletal condition. Society for Back Pain Research annual conference 2016, Orthopaedic Proceedings, 99-B (Suppl 10):7.

STAT Research Group Panel (Woodman, J., Glover, L., Ballard, K., Biggs, K., Gibbens, D., & Clappison, D.J.) (2016). After ATEAM, ATLAS and other adventures in Alexander Research. Proceedings of the 10th International Alexander Technique Congress, Limerick, Ireland 2015.