What it is helpful for

The Alexander Technique can improve balance, mobility, confidence and self-awareness, it can lead to greater control over your reactions and to better posture.

Because the Alexander Technique can be applied in any situation, it can help with a wide range of issues. Research suggests that learning the Alexander Technique can help with a number of health conditions, it can reduce pain and improve breathing and balance. See here for further information on specific conditions.

However, you do not need to have a ‘condition’ to benefit from the Alexander Technique. If you experience ongoing stress or if you have difficulties or discomfort in work, leisure activities, driving, playing music or exercise, or if you simply want to reconnect with your physical self and explore the possibilities that being more embodied offers, the Alexander Technique may be for you. It is often used by dancers, actors, singers, musicians, runners and horse riders. It can help with managing stressful situations such as public speaking or a job interview.

Increasingly modern living can cause pain and difficulties, constant use of smart phones, tablets and computers can cause problems. The Alexander Technique can help with this too.

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