Useful links

There are a number of websites which can help with finding out more about the Alexander Technique

The Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) has information about the technique, finding a teacher and local courses and workshops.

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique has a wealth of information, videos and interviews on the Alexander Technique.

There’s a useful introductory video on the American Society for the Alexander Technique website.

Excellent video on the Alexander Technique in education.

Have a look at Jane Clappison’s website for some good articles.


See below for some links for musicians.

Here is an interesting set of videos with Alexander Technique lessons with musicians edited down into 7 minute videos – they give an idea of what might happen in an Alexander Technique lesson focused on playing an instrument and also what changes might take place


Here are a couple of short clips of flute & singing.

Finally,  a video with information about how are bodies are structured and how we move. The implications of knowing this for playing a musical instrument are very interesting.